Wednesday, July 9, 2008

July 6, 2008


Today I had my class make all American mobiles for the 4th of July. The holiday is obviously passed but I still thought it would be fun to make them. Earlier, when we studied New York City, I had them color a Statue of Liberty that you could cut out and assemble. I had them add this to the center of the mobile and surround it with an American flag, a firework, a “Happy 4th of July”, and a star.


Wow, what a project. These kids are so excited to do stuff like this and I love doing crafts, but it’s exhausting! They have a difficult time with the concept of sitting quietly when you’ve finished the step that’s just been presented to you. They think that when they finish coloring their star they have to come up to me screaming, “Miss Julie! Miss Julie!” and immediately be given the next step. It’s a little bit comical at times. I’ve taken to employing the “If you can hear me clap once, if you can hear me clap twice, if you can hear me clap 3 times” technique, which works pretty well. I can’t really yell at them for being excited, though. I’m glad they like these things because I LOVE crafts.


We focused most of the day on writing letters. It went very well, with only a few snags. They knew generally what we were doing, but they hadn’t heard of the idea of penpals. I’ve decided to have them write letters and I’ll send them to my friends in the states to reply to them. Hopefully it works! When I told them this, however, they weren’t overly thrilled. I was expecting them to be really excited but the most I got was a rousing “Meh.” So, hopefully when the letters actually arrive they’ll be more excited.

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